SATURDAY, MARCH 28th 7pm-Midnight
MAMMOTH-vision 2020 - Episode 1:
a 5-hour Video-LiveStream Telethon Variety Show

Broadcasting live from undisclosed locations
a $40k fundraising drive to save
the MAMMOTH Art Community of Louisville

Stream live HERE (on this page) at

John Paul Wright - emcee and will also be playing his railroad music union songs
Octoclaw 'Seedy' McSeedster - entertainment and freakish performances

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with his guitar
John Taylor and the Church Organ
Tim Furnish Seethings
Golden Whip
Tairi Sb
John Paul Wright
Moscow LeDog

Roea Wallace
Brett Eugene Ralph
Gregory Chaney
Jameson Welch
John Paul Wright
Damian Taggart

Richard Campbell
Josh Sachs
Gregory Chaney
Roea and Coco’s Cooking
Cosmic Flow Arts
Dave Johnson

On Saturday, March 28th, there's a 5-hour video stream telethon fundraiser for the Mammoth.
In light of everybody being isolated at home it seems like a really good way to entertain
people and keep spirits up! This variety show from a secret undisclosed location
will have live expression, glimpsing into some of Louisville People’s creative worlds.
There will be music, poetry, crazy rants, micro explorations into odd Space, skits,
video, performance art, short films and much more... Basically, whatever comes in the door

After three exciting and productive years at the heavy timber and old red brick
building, activity and development of The MAMMOTH came to a halt. The Fire Marshall
and the City shut down operations due to structural damage to several dozen basement
wood columns. Now we need your help. Chek out our Fundraising Video and visit our
Fundraising Page on

All three floors and the basement have been inspected /assessed by Structural Engineer,
Ron Peron. He has prepared a full 6-page four-floor plan for all repairs required to
bring the building up to code.